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Dental disease most commonly begins when plaque and calculus build up on your pet’s teeth, especially below the gum line. Bad breath, gingivitis, and loose teeth are signs of dental disease. Untreated dental disease in dogs and cats can lead to serious and life threatening illness, including kidney and heart related problems.

TLC Pet Medical Centers offers both anesthetic and anesthesia-freedental cleaning options. We have state-of-the-art high speed air driven dental equipment for scaling and polishing.

dentistry-02If your pet has bad breath or visible tartar, make an appointment for a dental exam and your TLC veterinarian will let you know if a dental cleaning is in order and which type of dental cleaning will best serve your special pet.

Digital dental radiography allows our vets to identify the severity of your pet’s dental disease.  All pets anesthetized for a dental are provided with IV fluids, extensive anesthetic monitoring (EKG, blood pressure, PulseOx), and pain medication as needed.