Happy New Year — a day of emergencies at TLC

At TLC, it is our mission to lovingly tend to the medical needs of pets 24-hours a day.  With this mission at heart, we must staff our hospital all hours of the day and night, weekends, and holidays too.

On January 1st, when many were watching the Rose Parade and football game, our staff and vets were tending the critical needs of pets and their families.  All told, we saw fourteen emergencies this day.  Today’s blog details some of our super-cool patients from this day.

Ben and BibiBibi was one of our first emergencies of the day.  She had an acute moist dermatitis (“hot spot”) below her right ear.  These are painful and can spread fast!  Her treatment included cleaning the wound, and starting her on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  Bibi is a happy dog, and seemed grateful for the care she received.  Thanks for helping, Ben!

Arturo and SookiePoor Sookie!  Sookie came in with terrible back pain.  Her sweet face hides the degree of pain she is feeling in this moment.  Arturo is getting ready to take radiographs of Sookie’s spine so we can understand the cause of her severe pain and guide her treatment appropriately.

AndreanaIn addition to the 14 emergencies that came in, we also tended the medical needs of our hospitalized patients.   Here our intern Andreana is stopping for a quick smile with one of our post-op patients.

JAN 1ST 2013 016This little Boston terrier, Sadie, was terribly sick when she came in.  She had intractable vomiting.  We needed to do a barium study to determine if Sadie had a GI foreign body.  Kate and Britnee are slowly administering the Barium on the x-ray table.

Barium 1How does that Barium taste, Sadie?  A bit chalky?

Barium in the tummyWe took a series of radiographs of Sadie’s abdomen, following the Barium as it made it’s way down.  Ultimately it was determined that yes, she needs to go to surgery.  A long cord, probably from the Christmas ham, was wrapped up in her intestines, all the way from her stomach to her rectum.  We are happy to report that Sadie made it through the surgery and post-op recovery, and is now back at home.

We started 2014 with a BANG!  Here’s hoping all of you and your beloved animals have a wonderful and healthy year.

~L. Scott, DVM



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