Fun x-rays!

Radiographs are such an important tool for the veterinarian, but they can be fun too!  Everybody loves the “what did the dog swallow” x-ray, so that is where we will start.  Can you see what Brittany (below) swallowed?

BrittanyDo you see it?  Hint:  it’s verrrryyyy, very sharp.   Brittany ate a…. straight pin!  Indeed.   And she pooped it out too.  What a girl!

Okay, this one is a little harder.   This doggie presented for some abdominal discomfort.  Do you see what she ate?

ate coin - CopyThis is actually quite serious!  This is what a penny looks like when it has been ingested, and the stomach acid starts dissolving it.  The real problem is that pennies contain high levels of zinc, and as the penny is digested, the dogs start experiencing zinc toxicity.  Zinc toxicity can kill a dog within 12 hours.  Don’t delay if your dog eats a penny!

This one’s tricky.  What did this cat eat?

bladder stonesAh ha!  The cat did not EAT those white stones.  The stones are in the bladder.  This kitty needs a bladder surgery to remove the stones.

You will enjoy this.   What species of animal is this?

rabbit skull0001I love this radiograph!  It is so fun to see this pet’s teeth… does that give you enough of a hint?   What about the ears?   “What’s up, Doc?”

Let’s look at this radiograph now.  Can you tell what part of the body this is?  What process is going on?

Tib Fib fractures0002This is the tibia, or “shin bone.”  This bone was broken, and now has a large callus, which is part of the healing process.

Hope you had fun!  Let’s do it again soon.

~Linnaea Scott, DVM     12/8/13.



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