A Beagle in the City

Nellie ready to goWho is this gorgeous girl with the chocolate brown eyes?  NELLIE, of course!

Nellie came to TLC in mid-October.  She is an older rescue dog, and lucky to land in a wonderful home.  Nellie had significant dental disease, so we anesthetized her for a thorough dental cleaning and evaluation.  Nellie Hanson left maxilla PREDo you see the gingivitis and brown tartar on her teeth?  Nellie is clearly not a candidate for a Nonanesthetic Dental (NAD).

At TLC, we do perform NADs on a very, very select patient population, but generally follow the position statement of the American Veterinary Dental College.

Nellie had a few issues we needed to address:

Nellie Hanson left maxilla after cleaningFirst of all, we were concerned about a possible oral mass (the black tissue midway on the upper dental arcade).  This photo is after the subgingival scaling.  You can see the two large molar teeth in the photo (carnassial teeth) had significant tooth root exposure.

Mazillary abscessMandibular abscess

Digital dental radiographs revealed advanced bone destruction around the roots of the teeth.  Saving these teeth was not an option.  The mass was biopsied, and then the teeth were removed.  Removing large three-rooted teeth involves:  surgical retraction of gum tissue, drilling of alveolar bone over the roots, careful sectioning of the tooth into individual roots, and then a patient coaxing of the periodontal ligament to allow luxation of the tooth root.  The resulting tooth socket is smoothed of any sharp edges, and the gum tissue is sutured over the socket for a fast recovery, devoid of infection.

Nellie Hanson left mouth post-op

Gorgeous smile, Nellie!    Her oral mass is removed, and her mouth surely feels better.  Minty fresh breath, little beagle!

Nellie profileHere’s Nellie the next day.  What’s she thinking?  “Is that.. Is that… IS THAT A SQUIRREL?  Let’s go!!!”

XXOO, Nellie, you are an awesome dog!

Post Script:   Nellie’s oral mass?  Good news!  It came back benign.


~L.Scott, DVM    11/25/13




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