Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Kitten in pumpkin

For most people, it’s a joyful night of feigned fright and sugary treats.  What about our pets?  Some dogs honestly seem to dig the costumes, and prance about, basking in the attention.  Others, and especially cats: not so much!

chihuahua knight

We do hold a Pet  Costume Contest at TLC every year, and take lots of great photos to share with our Facebook community.  Every trick-or-treating pet gets a snack baggie!  And the winner of the costume contest gets a prize and bragging rights for the whole next year.  We just say this:  please do not demand more of your pet than they are capable of handling!  Respect the wishes of the pet who wants to stay in their birthday suit!

Vampire CAT

Every Halloween and Easter, we see a number of chocolate-binging dogs.  Please know that TLC is open 24-hours, and we are happy to see your pet.  Standard treatment for chocolate ingestion includes:  inducing emesis (vomiting), administration of activated charcoal, and IV fluids.  Most dogs do well with treatment, if it is instituted EARLY!  Try to remember to keep the candy UP off the floor and coffee table.

dog eating Halloween candy

Another stressor for pets during Halloween is all those human trick-or-treaters!   For the dogs who go berserk when the FedEx guy rings the doorbell, imagine their stress level when that doorbell Just-Won’t-Stop.  After the Fourth of July, Halloween is the number two day for pets to run away from home.  A solution for anxious pets  is to leave your candy bowl outside on the step, with a note for each child to take one treat.

Happy Halloweeen 006Signing off for TLC… hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!


~LHS 10/31/13

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